The Forest’s River

The sky is a very vast place, full of astounding colors and soft clouds. Even when the sun sets, the sky remains beautiful. Shining stars and deep midnight colors fill the eyes of whoever is looking up above. When I look into the sky, sometimes I get filled with this sort of strange feeling, like I could do anything. Other times, it makes me feel so small, but in a calming way. The sky is so amazingly beautiful and capable of making a person feel so many things. What am I capable of? How am I like the sky? All I really do is sit inside all day and mess around on the internet. I wonder what possessed my parents to give me the same name as the wonderful space up above.

My name is Sora, which is Japanese for “sky.” My Japanese father named me after my great-grandfather, who was a painter in Japan. My great grandfather was known by the way he made the scenes of his pictures really come to life. You could feel the cool breeze of the late sunset, smell the flowers in the trees… If you reached out, it was as if you could run your fingers through the grass in the painting. I wish I could’ve met him.

I’ve never done anything exciting or significant, I usually just sit around all day in my room. When I do go outside, I try to avoid people because I get really nervous around them. Avoiding people around here is kind of difficult to do, because I live in a cafe.

Let me explain…

My mother and father bought this piece of property shortly before I was born, in hopes of turning it into a cafe/restaurant type of place, but there’s a separate part of it that they decided to make a temporary living space (because they had very little money then). So, fast-forward to today, my parents have succeeded in having a small business, which is great and all, but there are always people around.

I mean, that probably wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t such a shut-in…

My mother worries about me. Sometimes she forces me to go out and be around everyone, which is on an unspeakable level of uncomfortable. I usually find a way to get out of it, though. Like the old, “I have to use the bathroom,” and never return bit. Every time I do that, I’m reminded of how pathetic I am… But in the end, the feeling of being alone is too comforting for me to care about any of that.

My father was never around when I was younger. He was always, always working late. And early. I used to ask where he was, but my mother would always tell me he’s working. And when he wasn’t working, he was writing a paper or a report for the company he worked for. Still working.I wanted to see him… sometimes I needed to see him. But he was always busy or too tired for me. Sometimes I tried to turn to my mother, but she was usually dealing with customers or something with the cafe.

So I became reclusive.

I never talked to anyone and I was terribly lonely. It didn’t bother me most of the time, though. I was usually watching anime.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that? I’m one of those losery type nerds with no life and I really, really love anime. It’s practically all I do. I have a manga collection too, and I’m working on my figurine collection. Ahh, figurines are so cool!

(Prologue End. To be continued.)


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