(Part Two) Cloudy

My aunt was a short woman with shoulder length auburn hair. She had a sort of sparkle in her eyes, and at first glance, seemed like a nice lady. And she was, to most people. I was just lucky enough to not be most people. The woman seemed to have something to say about everything I did-the clothes I wore, my hair, the music I listened to, how I acted in general, even how I walked for god’s sake. But that was fine. I mean, it wasn’t fine, but it was what I was used to, so I just took it like usual.

My uncle was a bit taller, like I was. He had very intense facial features, high cheekbones, strong jawline and chin. His eyes were the most intense thing about him though. When my aunt was running her mouth, he never had to say much. I knew how he felt about me by the way he looked at me with those icy eyes.

Even my cousins didn’t like me. They treated me the worst out of the whole family. I got in trouble for no reason sometimes because, you know, I bully my cousins and hurt their feelings. It’s bullshit. But of course when someone was really getting bullied, my aunt turned a blind eye. Why shouldn’t she? I’m the accident child of that slut of a sister of hers. She hated my mother for what she was, and I don’t blame her because I felt the same. I just wished she didn’t think she had to hate me the same. Oh well. I just took it, what else was I supposed to do? It’s not like I deserved any better. I kept cutting myself. I kept getting lonely. I kept being depressed. I kept being pathetic, god why am I so fucking pathetic?

Then it all changed. In a single moment, I peered into the stars of the galaxy itself and I saw the future, the past, the present, and the universe itself, bare and naked. In a single moment, my entire life was changed, but this time, finally, it was a change for the better.


(Part Two [Cloudy] End. To be continued.)


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