The Eyes of a Tortured Soul

This was for an English assignment last year. (I’m going through my google drive, as you may have noticed, haha) We had to write a short passage, a hundred words or so. So I wrote mine about Sasuke and Gaara from Naruto. I guess that’s all. Enjoy~

The Eyes of a Tortured Soul

He walks down the dirt road of the village. His icy blue eyes prowl over every inch of his surroundings, looking for him. With every sense of his alert, Gaara keeps a sharp eye out for Sasuke Uchiha.

Suddenly, his enemy is there, right in front of Gaara’s eyes.  A few words are said before the they begin to battle. The two ninja boys fight with beautiful precision.

Their eyes meet. The very reason Gaara longs to fight Sasuke, because he is like Gaara himself. Alone, not knowing what love is. Surrounded by darkness. The eyes of his enemy reveals all.


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