The Purple Prince

I started writing this (once upon a time last year) just for fun and it was supposed to be comedic, but then I got sort of into it and it became way more serious than I had intended. Regardless, I hope you at least get a kick out of this, haha~

(Also, for those of you that don’t know, the character in this passage is Gakupo. He is the mascot for a vocaloid program, which is a type of music software. He looks like this-)


The Purple Prince

He’s a tall man dressed in fabulously silky clothes, and shiny purple hair that reaches all the way down to his hips. His head suddenly whips around! You find yourself in a daze and begin to feel faint as his warm gaze seeps right into your very soul. In an instant, he is there! You’re in his arms, his sweet scent and the sensation of his embrace override every thought in your head. He is charming, he is graceful, he is elegance on legs. He is Gakupo!

“My, my,” a small smile appears on his face. “You must be more careful, princess.” He lifts you to your feet and pulls you closer.

“With such beauty as yours, it would be a shame to have you be hurt,” he whispers into your ear. Thoughts like, “I want him closer, I want to be swathed in his embrace, I long to know the taste of his lips,” cause you to blush.

“However,” he continues, “you would still be beautiful no matter what happened to you.”  His soft smile sends your head spinning. Those deep, warm purple eyes come closer and your whole body becomes warmer. “You know,” he oozes, “it’s been so long… since I’ve … “ He looks away shyly. What is this expression? Just a second ago he was a smooth confident prince, and now, he seems bashful and shy. The concerned look in your eyes urges him to finish the sentence he started.

“Last night I sat outside in the lush grass and watched the cherry blossom petals flutter through the wind. The way their reflection shined before they touched the water of the nearby pond filled me with a feeling of such contentment. My heart was as gentle and warm as the setting sun. In that moment, I felt quite like the passionate colors that were spread all across the land. Such beautiful, deep colors that cast such long shadows… For behind the beauty of each color lies a shade of dark grey.

“My creator is the one who’s heart is as warm as the sun, to give something like me life and talents, and – and passion! … And desire.” He looked down for a moment and then continued.

“Every dazzling color created by the sun is admired by everyone who sees, but does anyone see the shadows that lurk just around the corner? Do they see my fears? My anxieties? … My loneliness?” His eyes began to fill with tears.

“I-I’m so sorry,” he says as he wipes his eyes with his sleeve.

“Gakupo… “

“Y-yes? he tries to smile.

“You… you don’t have to be so alone… you don’t have to shed such tears… I… I don’t want you to be filled with such sorrow because I myself have seen the darkness of the very shadows of which you speak!”

His stunning eyes gaze into yours once more, but this time there is something different. Instead of a cool, confident prince, you see a man with tears dripping from his chin. A man that has fears and doubts, a man riddled with anxiety, melancholy, and loneliness.

“A man with such beauty, even if he feels the most ugly of feelings.”

“Wh- what?”

“I know the colors of the sunset that make the evening glow! I have bathed in them myself  many times. I also know the darkness of the shadows that hide behind the mountain, for I myself have gotten lost in them many times as well,” you exclaim. “I look into your eyes and I see a man full of emotions! A man… A human. That is just how real you are to me. I could just reach my arm out, and, and I-”

The expression on Gakupo’s face changed into an expression of pure happiness.

“Human is all I ever wanted to be. No, all I’ve ever wanted was to be… real.”

He started to fade away. Your hands reached out only to touch the very cherry blossom petals spoken of earlier. Just before he disappeared entirely, you saw his soft lips form the words, “Thank you.  So, so much.”

Your alarm rang. It’s seven a.m. Time to get out of bed and go to school. Perhaps, you’ll see him again tonight. Perhaps, you’ll even sit with him in the lush grass and watch the sunset together.

Every time the beautiful colors of orange and red and pink bathe the evening lands, you will feel the warmth in your heart that is him. The prince of purple. The color of love.

Perhaps you will meet again.

You will definitely meet again, someday.

For as long as the sun sets in the evening, he will be there.


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