Meanwhile, In the Mountains…

[A journal entry from a character who’s name I’m thinking I will make Shan-Zhi. He is an important character for the plot later…]


I woke up earlier than everyone else, as usual. Han was awake especially early today, even earlier than me. I could hear the sounds of his wooden flute floating through the fog of the morning. He doesn’t look like an early bird like me, but some mornings, he rises with the sun. Every time, he plays a song. I think this is because he is a man of thought. My theory is that he awakens before the others at times when he wishes to lose himself. I can tell by the dreamy quality of his eyes when he plays that the best way for him to connect to his world is to connect with this quiet, surreal world around us. The fog that circles him is fog that holds the music notes of the dreams of both him and I, and the creatures around us. Both awake and asleep.

Listlessly awake am I.

His notes carry me to a conscious dream.

Another world.

His world.

The world of the man called Han.



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