Ramblings of an Adolescent

The stars in my universe, the sun in my solar system, the light that bursts through the clouds in the morning, the breeze that blows through my hair and makes me feel alive. He’s all of these things, and he makes me feel alive. We’ve always had this overly dramatic relationship, and by overly dramatic,… Continue reading Ramblings of an Adolescent

The Eyes of a Tortured Soul

This was for an English assignment last year. (I’m going through my google drive, as you may have noticed, haha) We had to write a short passage, a hundred words or so. So I wrote mine about Sasuke and Gaara from Naruto. I guess that’s all. Enjoy~ The Eyes of a Tortured Soul He walks… Continue reading The Eyes of a Tortured Soul

(Part Four) Cloudy

I had been living with my aunt and uncle and their kids. The only real difference from living with them and living with my abusive mother was that at my aunt and uncle’s house, the abuse was never physical. So I guess that’s sort of good. But it still sucked, and I was still a… Continue reading (Part Four) Cloudy

Sneak Peak of Kai’s Story!

What kind of a loser am I? Sacrificing my hours of sleep on a work night for some Asian cartoons? I’m 22 years old, I’m a grown ass man, watching cartoons at three a.m. What has my life come to? That was a really short, disappointing sneak peak… Oh well, there will be more hopefully… Continue reading Sneak Peak of Kai’s Story!